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Foam latex machine is used to produce natural environment-friendly latex insoles, latex foam sponges, high-grade furniture latex cushion core, latex shoes, bags, high-grade cosmetic cotton, home accessories, women's underwear.

Main Specifications:

Product width: 1500-3200

Heating temperature: normal temperature~220 ℃

Heat source: heat transfer oil or steam heat exchanger, electric heating, external hot air

Line speed: 3m-25m/min

Product thickness: 3mm~50mm

Main Features:

The unit is mainly composed of numerical control rubber scraper, curing setting drying room and slitting winder.

① Foam glue scraper, full automatic numerical control.

② Hot air convection circulation, curing setting and drying completed at one time, fast curing and good elasticity.

③ Thickness, speed, width, temperature, humidity and air volume can be automatically controlled by man-machine interface.

Production Process:

Latex Foaming → Machine Scraping → Infrared Radiator → Curing Drying Room → Water Cooling Traction → Winder


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