Foam Dipped Non-woven Fabric Production Line

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The foam dipped non-woven fabric production line is used for medical non-woven fabrics, chef hats, interlining fabrics, embroidery interlining fabrics, filter fabrics, non-woven fabrics for cable packages, embroidery packaging, and polyester non-woven fabrics.

Main Specifications:

Product width: 1500~4000

Heating temperature: normal temperature~220℃

Heat source: heat exchange with heat transfer oil, direct combustion of natural gas, and external heating air.

Line speed: 15m~60m/min

Heat consumption: 200,000 to 400,000 kcal/section

Product thickness: 0.5mm~5mm

Main Feature:

①The drying room adopts Teflon mesh belt.

②Mesh belt edge detection: adopts opposite-beam far-infrared edge detection and tracking, and the correction is adjusted by electric and ball screw.

③Hot air convection circulation, high thermal efficiency, uniform temperature in the drying room, product hardness and thickness can be adjusted as needed.

④The speed, width, temperature, humidity and air volume can all be automatically controlled by the man-machine interface.

⑤The scalding wheel is sprayed with Teflon, which is non-sticky and non-sticky.

Production Process:

Gluing Machine → Edge Correction Machine → Drying Room → Hot Ironing Wheel Group → Cloth Storage Machine → Three-roller Coiling Machine


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