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Implementation plan for the revitalization of machinery basic parts industry


The Ministry recently issued the "Implementation Plan for the Revitalization of the Machinery Basic Parts Industry", which plans to increase my country's major equipment and basic parts supporting capacity to more than 70% through three years of hard work. Encourage enterprises to cross-industry and cross-ownership mergers and reorganizations, and strive to form a number of internationally competitive enterprise groups with annual sales of more than 5 billion yuan. The implementation period of the plan is from 2010 to 2012.

Mechanical basic components mainly refer to: bearings, gears, molds, hydraulic parts, pneumatic components, seals, fasteners, etc., which are an indispensable and important part of the equipment manufacturing industry, and directly determine the performance of major equipment and host products. Level, quality and reliability.

The "Plan" proposes that through three years of hard work, a number of key component development bottlenecks should be broken through the equipment needed in fields such as energy development, transportation, new rural construction, new material preparation, energy conservation, environmental protection, and comprehensive utilization of resources.

The "Plan" also proposes to cultivate 100 enterprises with large scale, high level of specialization, distinctive characteristics, and well-known brand products. Attract a variety of capital to invest in the basic parts industry. Relying on existing resources, increase support and guidance to the existing domestic industrial clusters of bearings, gears, hydraulic parts, seals, fasteners, etc., guide enterprises to gather in industrial parks, and strengthen the concentration of casting, forging, and heat treatment in the clusters We will cultivate a number of characteristic industrial clusters with specialized division of labor, industrial chain coordination, and sales revenue exceeding 10 billion yuan. Support provinces and cities in the construction of provincial-level new-type industrialization demonstration bases for basic parts and components, and encourage the construction of a number of "new-type industrialization demonstration bases" for basic parts and components in agglomeration areas where conditions permit.


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