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Process flow of latex foaming machine


Today we will take you to understand a process of latex foaming, Traray foaming process.

Trale is the production process for processing latex pillows. Prepare the same mixture as the standard production process and fill it into the mold. However, the mold is only partially filled, and the filling amount varies depending on the hardness requirements of the latex block. This mold is a special aluminum mold with a large number of needles. There are about 20,000 needles on each mold cover and mold base.

This kind of needle has a dual role. One is to help conduct heat to the center of the latex block, because foam rubber is not a good conductor of heat, and at the same time it forms a "pinhole" that helps the subsequent process to dry. A rubber sealing ring is wrapped around the mold, and there is a hollow channel in the sealing ring, which can flow through liquids such as glycol/water for heat transfer. After the liquid foam partly fills the mold, the mold is closed, cooled, and vacuum treated.

The foam expands under the action of vacuum and completely fills the entire mold. At this time, the internal auxiliary semi-permeable paper gasket can expel the air in the mold and prevent the liquid foam from flowing into the vacuum pipe. After that, cool the mold to freeze the foam to about -30°C, and then use carbon dioxide gas to flow through the freezing block to "solidify" or "gelatinize" the foam.

At this time, the individual bubbles begin to connect with each other. After the gelation is complete, heat the mold to 110°C and keep it for a few minutes. Heat will cause the rubber to "harden" or "vulcanize", giving the product its normal resilience. Then the product is demoulded, washed, and residual soap is removed, and then it is dried and tested.


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